Gyenno Bravo Twist Spoon

The Bravo Twist, made by Gyenno, is a spoon (or fork) that uses advanced technology to made eating easier for people with reduced mobility or Parkinson’s disease.

Its intelligent detection and offsetting of hand tremors helps people avoid the difficulties tremors cause when having meals.

Gyenno Bravo Twist Spoon

As such it can make a huge difference to quality of life at mealtimes

The Bravo Twist Spoon comes with a fork attachment and will link to a smartphone app to keep a diary of tremor frequency and amplitude.

UK customers can buy the Gyenno Bravo Twist Spoon here:

See the Bravo Twist in action

Detailed info at a glance

  • Fork and Spoon Kits,Anti-shaking function, Twist spaghetti Function and Cloud function, Bravo Twist can also record the hand tremor data of users and transfer it to app site.
  • Gyenno Bravo Twist is suitable for the people with hand tremor range within 2.7inch (7CM)
  • Build-in Battery design low failure rate,2.5h for charging 180 minutes for running.
  • Fork and spoon replaceable attachments for all kind of meals.
  • Magnetic connector design Much easier for replacing the attachments.
  • Portable carrying case design, 157g only ,convenient for travelling