VAT information

Our products are listed with VAT and without VAT.

You can claim the 0% VAT rate if you (or the person you are buying the product for) are chronically sick or have a disabling condition, and the products you are buying (or buying on someone’s behalf) are to help you or them personally.

The government requires that you complete a VAT declaration form, and you will be asked to do this at checkout.

If, for some reason, you need to make a claim after a purchase – for example, if you bought a VAT rated product by mistake, you can do this below.

VAT Zero rate claim form

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    I (enter your name)

    of (enter your address)

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    declare that I am chronically sick or disabled by reason of
    (give full and specific description or your condition)

    and I am receiving the following goods which are being supplied to me by Attainability UK Ltd for domestic or my personal use

    and I claim relief from value added tax under Group 12 of Schedule 8 to the
    Value Added Tax Act 1994.

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    More about VAT


    • If you are eligible for VAT relief and if you complete our online declaration form, you will not be charged VAT where exemptions are available.
    • If you do not complete the form, or you are not eligible for VAT relief, we must charge you the full 20% VAT on the whole of your order.

    More information

    VAT exemption – links from the HMRC website